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River Rides are $120 per person

During the winter months
River Rides are only available by phone and
when the weather is above 70 degrees.
Online Bookings will resume in Spring

If swimming with horses is an important part of this experience for you please inquire about river conditions prior to your trip this is especially important if there is a lot of rain. 

Scenic trails

The River Ride includes Swimming with horses an amazing adventure!

Our most popular ride

Horses like treats

You may choose to bring along snacks, towels and drinks.

Horses love snacks too!

Use care when eating around the horses they can be sneaky and steal a snack from you if given the opportunity


Most guests will want a camera! There is plenty of opportunity to video and take photos from the bank while others are riding horses in the water


Please be sure you can keep your electronics like cameras and phones dry in case of rain.

available for all ages

This adventure is available for all ages and experience levels!

The ability to swim is not required.

swimming with horses

The River Ride is a 3 hour excursion that starts with a 1 hour ride to the river
then a 1 hour stop at the river
then a 1 hour ride back to the trail head.

fun swimming with horses

Just remember this is Florida and it can rain unexpectedly. There can be alot of bugs can at times, so you may also want repellent. 

you will get wet

You will be in the water, if you choose to ride a horse while it swims. This means you will get completely wet 

But you may also choose not to ride a horse while it swims.

Swimming is not a required portion of The River Ride.

You can choose to bring your own picnic and just enjoy a break by the river.

Online Bookings must be made 48 Hours in advance. If you would like to ride sooner you may contact us for availability at
Please be sure to get the detour map.

swimming with horses

During you 1 hour stop at the river, you will be offered the opportunity to ride a horse while it swims.

(under favorable conditions)

(weather and river conditions may effect the option to swim)

ride in normal riding attire

You will want to ride in normal riding attire

Blue jeans and sneakers or boots are recommended but not required

For the swimming portion of the ride you will want a swimsuit or whatever you prefer to swim in.

outdoor adventure

Remember this is an outdoor adventure through natural forested trails
There is plenty of tree cover but no formal dressing areas bathrooms or buildings.

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