Horseback Riding Ocala Florida

Makin' Tracks Trail Rides, LLC

Our Fearless Leader

Shadow may be getting to be an old man, but you can't tell him that. 

He is now 28 years old. 

He has lead our herd since he came to us in 2002. 

He has been leading our Trail Rides since we began in 2005. 

He loves to swim, as well. Swimming is his specialty!

So many people have come to know and love this old man. 

He will always be a part of our family! 

He will carry customers when needed, 

and is one of our most trusted horses when it comes to tandem riders. 

He will never take a wrong step with a small child.


The Joker of the barn

Bones is Shadow's second in command. 

He is the horse with a real sense of humor. 

He will play practical jokes on dogs and people alike. 

So use care because if he catches you unaware in the barn,

he may just coat your head with water. 

He is the star of the barn, and always the first to greet new people. 

He loves food more then most, and will even take a beer given the opportunity. 

At one time in his life before us,

someone took the time to teach him to love to hunt wild hogs.  

He has a presence that demands your attention. 

When I look at this horse,

it is so hard to imagine that he was ever 

the poor starving stallion that we took in. 

He is a born leader, 

but has given Shadow the respect due to his position. 

The two of them are nearly inseparable, even on the trail. 

He knows his job, and does it well. 

For those that just want to ride and hand over control Bones is happy to oblige.

It's all your fault!

When I took this 6 month old, 

untouched Arabian foal in, 

I never knew the place she would hold in my heart. 

Even more amazing is the love she returns to me! 

Those of you that know me, must in turn know my mare! 

She came to me in 2001, 

untouched by human hands, 

untrusting and afraid. 

I have never had to work so hard for anything, 

like I did to gain her trust. 

I knew even less then she did. 

This is one of those rare cases that 

green plus green did not equal black and blue. 

Instead it has blossomed into a rare and special relationship

 that cannot be measured in words. 

She is mine, and I am hers! 


Savannah is such a sweet girl. She and my daughter have claimed each other. She is one that you will likely have the oppertunity to ride. She may not be the smoothest, or fastest horse, but she is definatly one of the kindest. She also LOVES cookies! If you have a cookie and ask her before you give it to her, she will give you a very enthusiastic YES!


Bonnie acts like a little princess. She has great training and she knows she is a special girl. A great all round horse. She works in the field as a lesson horse. She is a great trail horse too. She tends to be on the lazy side. If you ride her on the trail, she is always in the back. This is for 2 reasons, 1 she is slow and prefers this position, 2 she doesn't like anyone behind her. She is very trusted horse here on the farm. We use her to fine tune control in our lessons. She is great for that next step up. The only reason we don't use her for true beginners is that they can't get her to move.  


Kit is amazing. She is one of our best lesson, and trail horses. All the kids love her, adults do too. She was trained for dressage before she was given to us. Kit really shines when she has a rider with some experience. That doesn't change the fact that she is great with beginners as well. She is even a great swimmer. 


Rocky is extremely social, and will do nearly anything to get your attention, especially if you have a cookie. A great beginner horse on the trails and fairly smooth as well. You are very likely to meet him if you go out for a trail ride. If you are looking to ride close to your special someone, request Rocky and Shiloh. Shiloh and Rocky were together long before they joined us, and work very well together.


Shiloh is a kind and gentle mare. Her and Rocky joined us this year and they both very quickly fit into our riding program. You are very likely to see her out on the trails. Shiloh and Rocky are best friends and love to ride close together. If you are nervous, she is the best one to give treats to, because she takes them very delicatly, which is great for little hands. 


Daisy is very kind and gentle, but also still very young. She has quickly become a great addition to our trail rides. She is eager to please with a kind soul. All she asks is that you treat her with a kind hand and she will do anything for you.


 Corey's baby and she knows it! She is only 4 years old and she is the youngest horse in the herd. This hasn't stopped her from taking the lead position in our herd. She started with us at 6 months old and has grown into a very big and beautiful mare. She may be out on the trails with you as your lead with her daddy Corey.


She is a 8 year old Shetland/Paint cross. She is still quite a handful. She loves to run, and jump. We even started her with a cart. She has a bit too much energy for an inexperienced rider at this time, but could be looking for her perfectly matched person. I would love to find her a forever home, but she needs someone with the same energy level as her. Not a crazy horse, but she is a bit spoiled. 


A sweet and social young horse. He has been one to never let a friendly hand pass him by. He loves treats, and is very vocal at dinnertime. By far the most playful horse in the herd. He never passes up the chance for a bit of "horse play". He should complete his training soon, but so far has been a very willing student.


Freyja is a wonderful draft cross mare. We have very high hopes for her. She is Arab and Percheron. Her intelligence really shows through her eyes. I can't wait to see what she will blossom into. Such potential for this beautiful lady. We hope to complete her training soon.